How to buy


Khuyay has 2 types of affiliation:

1. Affiliation as a wholesale buyer: 

- Buyers fill out an application form on the Khuyay website and make an annual payment for accessing the platform.

- Once they have been approved, they are given credentials to order through the web platform of "Khuyay B2B"- The affiliated buyer has an approved credit amount (it is the power of Khuyay to determine the quota or deny the credit).

- The buyer can enter the platform and make orders or ask for quotes of the flowers available on the platform. - ------ Orders confirmed through the platform will be delivered by Khuyay where the customer requests.

- The client must pay directly to Khuyay Flowers the orders confirmed through the platform and is responsible for the correct use of the same and the orders that are generated.

2. Affiliation to the Franchise Program:

The franchise program allows the franchisee to use the Khuyay Flowers brand to distribute the Khuyay flowers and the product portfolio of the website, as well as access the B2B platform. There are two versions of franchise: 

     a) Florist's Franchise:

Program designed for florists who want to market the exclusive products of the Khuyay website.

 The florist receives a package of Khuyay corporate image that you can place in your florist's shop. For example, signs, internal decorations and catalog. The franchisee is responsible for printing or manufacturing the elements that he wishes to use in the corporate image. The franchisee will be added to the list of Khuyay stores on the official website Khuyayflowers.cnThe franchisee must respect the official prices of the Khuyay portfolio products. The franchisee orders through the platform with preferential price the quantity of product that he / she wishes each week in advance and cancels the value of the flower fortnightly or monthly.

 The franchisee must meet a minimum monthly flower purchase amount, otherwise he may lose the franchise. The franchisee will also receive orders that fall within their coverage area that have been received on the website by the final consumer. These orders are deducted from the amount to be paid for the flower purchased. Every two years, the franchisee must pay for the renewal of his franchise. The brand, products and portfolio are the exclusive property of Khuyay.

Imagen de Odoo y bloque de texto

b) Flower Cart Franchise:

The cart franchise model is similar to that of a florist, but instead of receiving the corporate graphics, the franchisee receives a cart like the one in the photograph below.

The cart is included in the cost of the franchise and must be renewed every two years. Every 2nd renewal, that is, every 4 years, the cart will be renewed without cost.

The franchisee must only display the Khuyay product portfolio in his cart and collect the prices established by KHUYAY. The franchisee will order the flowers weekly through the platform at preferred price